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This Isn't Your Grade School's Dodgeball!

By Rachelle Bowden in Arts & Entertainment on Jun 2, 2004 7:10PM

This Dodgeball is like "Friendster for mobile phones" and is now available for Chicago. Let us break it down for you - You go to the Dodgeball site and sign up to Dodgeballbecome a member. Then when you want people to know about your whereabouts, you send a text message (like "@ Double Door") to the Dodgeball e-mail address. The service then sends out text messages with your name, location and headshot to all of your Dodgeball friends, as well as any friends of friends (FOAFs) who have checked in within a 10-block radius of your location. So if you and your friends all sign up.. and your out feeling social, you can find out if any of them are in your area. And since your FOAFs also come up, there's the potential to hook up (headshots!) and make new friends.

Chicagoist is so excited about this technology that we have signed up (Chicagoist C) and are ready to accept you as our Dodgeball friends! Sign in and become our friends.. please? .. we're lonely!

In other dodgeball news, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story opens in theaters on June 18. Chicagoist noticed this movie poster in the restroom on our 100th drunken piss of the night at Mac's this past weekend. While the poster rocks, we're not sure the movie will. Also, there is a Chicago event planned for tomorrow night to celebrate International Dodgeball Meetup Day. Anyone and everyone who enjoys playing the sport of Dodgeball is invited. Since Chicagoist is very clumsy and uncoordinated we will just be sitting here waiting for you to sign up as our Dodgeball friend instead!