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Ryan Watch: Day Three

By vouchey in News on Jun 24, 2004 12:19PM

Ryan WatchErstwhile Beleaguered Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Jack Ryan didn't resign last night, in fact he held a press conference where he came out swinging. When asked about numerous GOP leaders turning their backs on him, including the Cook County Republican Party, Ryan said,

"If former Governor Edgar and speaker Hastert say, Jack, we'd like you to get out of the race, what do you do? I am in the race to win in November and on our issues and theme, we win the race. Once voters know the difference between me and my opponent, we are going to win," said Ryan.

Since just about every reputable journalist with a pulse weighed in over the past few days on the whole Jack-Ryan-Parisian-Avant-Garde-Club-Affair, Entertainment Tonight submitted their brand of journalism, which officially makes this whole thing insane. But, from a more traditional style of reportage, the Sun Times is keeping close tabs on the story, revealing the fissures within the Illinois and national Republican parties over what to do with Jack Ryan. Also, Sun-Times Washington Bureau Chief, Lynn Sweet, writes in with some inside poop on phone calls traded between national GOP leaders on Candidate Ryan.

There's no doubt the campaign staff of Ryan's opponent, Barack Obama, are bouncing with glee over Ryan's total mishandling of his allegations -- as well as the game of keep-away GOP leaders are playing with Ryan. But as Lynn Sweet points out, this scandal will have repercussions on the Bush campaign as well, and as Chicagoist would like to point out, on other races throughout the state. Without a real race at the top of the ballot for Republicans to vote for (like president or senator) GOP voters are likely to stay away from the polls in November, giving a boost to every Democratic candidate down the ballot.

If you think things look grim for ol' Jack now, watch for the next few days. Things will get real bad.