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What Next, GOP?

By vouchey in News on Jun 28, 2004 12:26PM

ryan_watch2.jpg"Three Ryans and you're out," was Saturday's most pithy comment, uttered by McHenry County Democratic Chair, John Bartman. Following the much anticipated resignation of GOP Senate candidate, Jack Ryan on Friday, the Illinois Republican Party is desperately searching for a replacement candidate.

This is the second major Republican banner-holder to go flaming down due to scandal in the past two years. Former Governor George Ryan's administration was riddled by scandal and indictments, leading to Rod Blagojevich winning the gubernatorial race in 2002 and runaway Democratic victories in the statehouse that same year. While the Illinois Republican Party vets possibilities, people across the state ask, who could possibly want this job?

Chicagoist won't review our previous handicapping, but we do think an important point should be made: The whole point of a replacement candidate is not to win, barring a massive Obama scandal (which his tell-all book rendered impossible), the main job of a new GOP senate candidate is to bring Republicans to the polls for other races further down the ticket. Watch for a nice, non-controversial replacement later this week. No later than Thursday, we think.