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Chicago Stylist Too Nice For Blow Out

By Margaret Lyons in Arts & Entertainment on Jul 6, 2004 8:46PM

2004_07_06.alyn.jpgAnd now, yet another reason to watch Blow Out, the best fluffy blehblah show of the summer. It’s like The Restaurant, but in a salon. In Beverly Hills. And it doesn’t suck. Anyway, it’s not that much like The Restaurant except that it’s a “real” reality show with tons of product placements and workplace back-stabbing bitchiness. Ah, sweet delicious drama queens, how we love thee. Tonight, there’s a new episode on Bravo at 8 p.m.
Blow Out also features Chicago’s own Alyn Topper, who is still, according to the Sun-Times, commuting to Chicago to work his magic at the Paul Rehder Salon on Rush Street. Truthfully, Alyn hasn’t had a lot of screen time yet, but the season is young. He “could never be that guy who’s rude,” which is the kiss of death on reality TV. Considering he’s up against Brandon, who’s like the Puck of the hair house, Alicia, who’s Erika Christensen’s character in Traffic except more annoying and less responsible, and Jonathan, who makes Rocco seem like a really nice boss, it's not too surprising that Alyn of the "understated confidence" isn't making a splash. Hang in there, Alyn! BTW, if you want to give someone a free hair cut, just for like, practice and stuff, Chicagoist could really use a trim. Especially Margaret.