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Alyn? Cool. Jase? Makes Us Want to Die.

By Margaret Lyons in Arts & Entertainment on Jul 14, 2004 8:30PM

Maria of Outback Jack; Photo: TBSGeektastic has an A+ roundup of current Illinois-based reality stars. We're using the term "stars" loosely here. It's probably more like cosmic dust, or the funk meteors crap out. But just ask Trista—being on TV makes you important.

Brad, of the unimaginably boring Real World: San Diego, is probably the most recognizable of the list if only because MTV only has four shows, and they just rerun them all the time. Road Rules: Extreme Challenge's Derrick, the putzy homophobe, is from Nirvana, Illinois—are you feeling the pride yet?

We’re not going to lie over here in the Chicagoist TV office: we have watched Outback Jack. Not a whole episode, but enough to know that the show is hilarious in sick, sad way. Like when you need to flip to something during the commercials of what you’re really watching. And being the skankiest oxygen-waster on that show is truly an accomplishment. Way to be, Maria!