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There's a Bootylicious Joke In Here Somewhere

By Margaret Lyons in News on Jul 21, 2004 7:07PM

2004_07_21.boot.jpgGetting your car booted sucks. It sucks really hard. Now, City Council might help you protect your rights by requiring private boot companies to put a bill of rights notice on the windshield of booted cars.

The directive applies only to cars parked on private property and would require that a sign in the lot prominently display the bill of rights as well. Some rights that would be included on the flyers/sign:
•An occupied car cannot be booted
•The boot must be removed free of charge if you return to your car before it is completely attached
•You can pay your de-booting fee in cash or with a credit card

The need for a bill of rights stems from apparent boot abuse from privately contracted booting companies.

License Committee Chairman Eugene Schulter (47th) called the bill of rights a "last-ditch effort" to eliminate a string of abuses, such as booters who swarm in for the kill even if a motorist stops at an ATM to get money to shop at a local store. There have also been complaints of booters targeting motorists for "double-shopping" -- first at a store with the parking lot, then somewhere else down the street.