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Who's Afraid of a Big, Bad Burrito?

By Margaret Lyons in Food on Jul 23, 2004 5:09PM

2004_07_23.burrito.jpgThe Trib has a nice round-up of gigantic burritos today, but it’s hard to read without simultaneously really wanting a burrito and really wanting to hurl. It turns out that Chicago is home to some insanely big burritos.

The Trib’s favorite was Baja Fresh, tipping the scales at 18 ounces, with an 8 1/4-inch “waist.” Remember, 16 ounces = 1 pound. That’s a pretty serious burrito. Next was Burrito Beach, also 18 ounces, followed by La Pasadita, whose ultra burrito weighs 27 ounces. Chipotle came in fourth, weighing 21 ounces with a 10-inch circumference. Qdoba and Taco Bell rounded out the list at 14.5 ounces and 16 ounces, respectively. Oof.

Without a doubt, the best part of this article is the poll on the side.

How big do you like your burrito? The size of a ...
loaf of bread
small dog
human head

Small dog?! That’s the comparison for burritos? Gross.