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Illinois GOP Plays The Race Card

By vouchey in News on Aug 4, 2004 12:09PM

8-4-04-barthwell-keyes.jpgWhoo-hoo! This is SO exciting! The Illinois Republican Party has scoured the nation for candidates that accurately reflect their values to lead their party through the U.S. Senate race against the nation's potentially only African-American Senator! And imagine that! The GOP has narrowed down all their potential candidates to two African-Americans! We at Chicagoist are breathless! Illinois politicians are so progressive! Coming next: Lynn Martin for President!

Let us catch our breath. Ah, now we can focus for a minute.

Yes, it's true. After weeks of deliberations, the Illinois GOP has narrowed it's choices down to former White House deputy drug czar Andrea Grubb Barthwell and two-time presidential hopeful Alan Keyes -- and it seems that despite the fact that he isn't from Illinois, Keyes will be the choice. Why? Well, first he's got his own kickin' web site, and second because the third-highest federal constitutional officer, Speaker of the House Denny Hastert, has made friendly motions in the direction of Keyes.

It's painful, we know. It would be nice if the process Illinois Republicans used wasn't so darn transparent. For instance: Why even bother announcing a "final two" unless you weren't trying to make a point? And the point? Democrats aren't the only ones who can run Black people for Senate. And after that, comes an ugly, ugly arguement Chicagoist wants no part of.