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Trio's Chef Moving On

By Benjy Lipsman in Food on Aug 5, 2004 5:00PM

2004_08_food_achatz.jpgLast Saturday night was the final night of the Grant Achatz-era at Trio, one of Chicago's top restaurants. Closed until August 17th, Trio will re-open its kitchen under chef Dale Levitsky of the bistro La Tache in Andersonville. With the introduction of a new chef, owner Henry Adaniya has decided to change Trio's concept, as well. It will become what its owner terms an atelier -- French for "workshop." This means lower prices, eclectic food, tapas-style servings and a looser vibe. "I've reached all of the heights I want to reach," Adaniya said. "I want to make it more accessible so that we're not exclusive, so that many more people will be able to have the Trio experience."

Meanwhile, wunderkind chef Grant Achatz will be opening his own restaurant, Alinea. According to Achatz, "it’s going to be a continued evolution of what we started here at Trio.” Expected to open in January 2005, Alinea will be located in Lincoln Park on the 1700 block of N. Halsted Street.

While Chicagoist has never had the opportunity to dine at any of what used to be the "three T's" (Trotter, Tru, Trio), we think we know where he'll be asking the parents to take us for our next birthday dinner!

Chicagoist on Grant Achatz opening his own restaurant