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2 Bucks More to See Big Sue

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Aug 12, 2004 10:12PM

SueThe Chicago Park District voted for and was approved to increase the admission fee to the Field Museum by $2. The Field Museum, like many museums nationwide, hasn't reached the attendance levels it had pre-9/11.

Starting this October the admission to get in the Field museum $10 if you live here and $12 if you don't. Still worth it to see Sue, the T Rex, who today, scientists have announced lived fast, died young, and left behind a gorgeous corpse. Props to Sue for that.

Researchers found that Sue, and other T Rexes (what's the proper plural!?), grew in growth spurts, gaining 4.6 pounds per day. This allowed them to develop from a 10 lb. hatchling to a 6-ton giant by age 20. Humans, who also experience growth spurts gain about a quarter ounce/day and the blue whale, in a growth spurt, can gain up to 145 pounds per day.