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Nip/Tuck Sucked

By Margaret Lyons in Arts & Entertainment on Aug 18, 2004 4:44PM

2004_08_18.niptuck.jpgLast night’s Nip/Tuck was a little much. It’s not that we don’t like smoking weed and having threesomes with prostitutes, it’s just that the episode kind of sucked ass. Last week’s stigmata episode was fabulous—it was provocative but still well crafted, with subtle details and a spectacular ending. But this week was just so out there, so ham-handed and obvious, and so neatly wrapped up that it tainted an otherwise outstanding season and incredibly tense, dramatic plotline.

(If you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want to know what happens, you should probably stop here.)

So Christian and Sean are going to participate in the separation of conjoined twins. Get it? Get it? Because the twins are attached, like how Drs. Troy and McNamara are attached, except not? We bet it took six or seven fourth-graders like, 15 minutes to come up with that kind of nuanced symbolism. Also, isn’t it illegal to perform surgery on dead people that’s not an autopsy or for medical science? Or something? We’re not sure, but there’s definitely something not totally kosher about all that.

Let’s get back to the weed and the threesome. We’d like to think that Christian bought the joint from Val Kilmer on Sunday’s Entourage because that would have at least made the scene interesting instead of repellent. The only way we could stomach that whole ménage was by hoping that this would lead to a “how we both got crabs” plotline. But that’s probably asking too much. Surely the doctors can find a skanky type to do them for free, so it’s not clear why they had to employ the services of a prostitute.

Anyway, we were not into last night’s Nip/Tuck at all. And Matt’s mullet is ugga ugga..