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Gonna Have Some Fun, Show You How It's Done

By chicago_chris in Arts & Entertainment on Aug 20, 2004 7:46PM

2004_08_misc_tgif.jpg Remember the ol' TGIF theme song on ABC? (Or when people actually watched ABC?) "It's Friday night and the moon is bright/ Gonna have some fun, so you how it's done... TGIF!" And while the days of pre-"I Love the '90s" Urkel and the chubby/non-coke-using Olsen twins are gone, Chicagoist still takes those silly lyrics to heart, constantly humming them come week's end. Yes, good friends, the weekend is almost here. And here are a few random tips of how to fill the next two lazy days...

- Shameless plug: Magnus, friends of Chicagoist, will be bring their local experimental pop stylings to the Bottom Lounge tonight.

- Also tonight, our friends from Gapers Block are having a little get-together. Support your hometown blogs, people!

- Outfoxed, the documentary taking aim at Bill O'Reilly and his "fair and balanced" news organization, opens theatrically today at the Esquire theatre downtown. Or you can just what everyone else has and buy it off of Amazon. And for more liberal prop... er, documentaries, visit No Exit Café (6970 N. Glenwood) Saturday night to see WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception, a film about the media and the war in Iraq. Director Danny Schechter will be in attendance. You can also catch the film on the 24th at the Underground Film Festival.

- The Marlon Brando retrospective continues at the Gene Siskel Film Center with The Wild One Saturday and The Godfather on Sunday. You can't beat either one.

- Visit Ginza Holiday Fest this weekend, at the Midwest Buddhist Temple in Old Town, to get the best damn teriyaki chicken you've had in quite some time. Chicagoist has been known to empty our refrigerator on past Ginza Fest weekends and fill it with styrofoam containers of chicken, rice, and macaroni salad. We can't wait until dinner... Oh, and the Fest also has plenty of cool merchandise (T-shirts, jewelry, etc.) and various performances. This is the perfect post-Air and Water Show activity.

There you have it, Chicago. Make it a weekend of local music, blog parties, left-leaning agitprop, Brando classics, and Japanese food. And maybe check out the new Boy Meets World DVDs if you're nostalgic for the days when you could just stay home and watch TV on Friday nights.