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Jerry Seinfeld Would Love This Place

By Rachelle Bowden in Food on Sep 23, 2004 5:16PM

A recent article in Business 2.0 announced the opening of a Cerality: Cereal Bar & Cafe in Chicago this month. At this restaurant we'll be able to mix and match more than 30 brand-name cereals, more than 30 toppings, and different flavors of milk. 2004_09_cereality_box.jpg
Pajama-wearing "Cereologists" will then make the concoction and serve it up in a 32-ounce leak-proof container filled with 2 cups of cereal, the topping and the milk. All for under $3.

If customers want to skip the counter line (and the Cereologists), they can place their order at a kiosk and pay on pickup. The kiosks will not only remember your order, but serve as a market research tool for Cereality and it's partners, the big-name cereal manufacturers.

Cereologists can also make suggestions for popular combinations of cereals & toppings (sounds kind of like Cold Stone). "Life Experience" combines Life Cereal with sliced almonds, bananas, and a drizzle of honey. "Banana Brown Betty" is the most popular hot cereal ordered and features Quaker Oatmeal with banana syrup and molasses sugar and is topped with streusel and bananas.

Founders David Roth (um.. David Lee Roth??) and Rick Bacher opened a prototype store at ASU in 2003 and it was so successful that they decided to open new stores in Philly & Chicago this month. They also plan to add 15 more stores next year. The locations will be in a variety of settings like colleges, office buildings, healthcare facilities and transportation hubs. Roth says that, "The Cereality concept works best in places where people 'live their lives'." And that "Cereal eating is habitual and highly personal -- and you want a fast, convenient and delicious way to incorporate cereal into your day."

Chicagoist thinks it would be cool if they ran Saturday morning cartoons on monitors in the store, since the feel of the store is going to be "cozy" with couches. Um... to completely be able to tap into our inner child, toys would be nice too.

Update: 09.23.04 @ 4:32p: Just got an email from Lisa K., the publicist for Cerealist. She says "talk about the power of the internet...! phones going crazy... FYI, the BUSINESS 2.0 item was a little premature to say "this month" re: opening in Chicago...we are actively looking for the perfect location but don't have that deal "done" although we are very very close...Chicago is absolutely where Cereality wants to thanks so much. " Stay tuned!