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Sweet Dreams, Governor

By Margaret Lyons in News on Oct 5, 2004 7:36PM

2004_10_5.blag.jpgGovernor Blagojevich dreams about Barack Obama and Alan Keyes. Well, at least it wasn't a sex dream?

At a press conference Monday, Blagojevich, apparently unprovoked, told reporters about a dream he had. And not like, "My dream is that Illinois is so awesome" or whatever—like, "I went to sleep and this is the weird stuff my brain did." There's no good way to paraphrase this, so we'll just go with the Daily Herald's paraphrase:

In the governor's dream, he's driving through Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood when he stops his security detail because he sees some buildings that might be a good investment. A crowd gathers and one man is particularly threatening, so his security advises him it's time to go. Just as he's about to leave, Barack Obama shows up and gets out of a cab. After saying hello, the governor is again about to leave when Obama notices his cab has a flat and starts to fix it. "And I said to my guy, 'Can't leave now. If Barack's fixing that flat tire, I gotta help, too.'" Blagojevich said. Then, he went on, "the taxicab driver gets out of the taxicab, and it was Alan Keyes."
The dream itself isn't that weird—surely he spend a lot of time thinking about state politics and stuff, and people dream about what happens in their lives, right? But why on earth would you tell everyone this story? Also, there's a Photoshop contest in there somewhere, we just can't tell which way we want to take it.

Blagojevich said the dream was about Obama's lead in the polls and his own fears of security. Hmm…dreaming about flat tires…haha! Hidden jealousy! We knew it, Blago—you are jealous of Obama.

(via Chillinois.)