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No Excuses Weekend

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 7, 2004 4:33PM

It’s a constant battle: you want to see more live music and yet when it comes time to get your butt out of the house and queue up at the Metro, Empty Bottle, etc. you find yourself punking out to stay home and watch Cops. Chicagoist knows how you feel. We don’t see enough live music either and probably use the same excuses you do to talk ourselves out of it but this weekend you have no argument:

There’s never a place to sit down and I hate standing: Head to the Vic this Friday at 8 PM for the Gomez show. There are plenty of seats in the balcony and on the floor for your hipster ass so you can enjoy this UK band in comfort as they support their latest release, Split The Difference.

But I want to see some local bands!: Baby Teeth hail from our fair city and they’ve built a core group of fans who dig their pure pop sounds. Witness their groovy beats, wavy keyboards and warm vocal stylings at Schuba’s this Saturday for only 8 bucks.

That’s fine but I am too old and shows start too late: Jam Over There is a benefit show for the Chicago Public Schools. Tickets are only $12 for seven bands (cheap!) and the money raised will help to insure that youth have music education programs. And if you’re old then you probably have kids so you’re helping out your family too. Way to be a provider! The show starts at 6 PM at the Congress Theatre, which means you’ll be in bed early, Methuselah.

The Manhandlers prepare for another kickass show

I refuse to support the oppressive patriarchal system of rock and roll!: Perhaps you might enjoy the Bitch (formerly of Bitch and Animal)/Three Dollar Bill/Lickity Split Cheerleaders show at Abbey
Pub this Saturday at 7 PM? Or maybe get your ass rocked by the Manhandlers on Sunday night at Subterranean for a measly six dollars?

Notice how we took care of that “I don’t have any money” complaint before you even said it? Now let’s get out there and rock, yo.