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Karaoke Anarchy in the U.S.A.

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 13, 2004 3:40PM

You have been dwelling in karaoke obscurity for long enough, my friend. Chicagoist knows how you’ve spent your nights at Louie’s Pub perfecting your craft with nothing more than canned music and your own flop sweat to support you. We’ve noticed how you rocked the crowds last Sunday night during Stanley’s Kitchen’s live band karaoke. Now you’re ready for the big time and the national spotlight. One question though: you can do a British accent right?

Tomorrow night at 5:30 PM the Virgin Megastore on Michigan is holding the Best of British Karoke Image from www.stones.atContest. The winner of the contest, sponsored by Party Tyme Karaoke, will receive Q Magazine’s top 48 British CDs (why 48 and not 50?) and a karaoke CD binder to hold your loot. Plus, the winner here will head to Las Vegas for the finals which will be broadcast on national television. Fame and fortune and you didn’t have to eat bugs or marry a stranger to do it!

Keep in mind you have to sing a song by a British artist. Most people will be pulling out the old Rolling Stones and Beatles classics. Boooring. Chicagoist’s advice: Gentlemen, stay away from the Queen and the Radiohead. Your falsetto isn’t what it used to be back in grade school. Try some Morrissey or The Kinks instead. And ladies: The Spice Girls will get you the boot. How about Kate Bush? Or you could go subvert gender stereotypes and rock some Sex Pistols. Cor blimey! That’ll have ‘em chuffed as nuts! (Loose American translation: That would kick ass.)