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Feed Me Slaw, Kraut, and Quiche, Seymour!

By Margaret Lyons in Food on Oct 14, 2004 5:01PM

The China Grill is opening in the Hard Rock hotel today, so plan your social events calendar accordingly. The restaurant is the fifth China Grill, following in the noble footsteps of its New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and Mexico City predecessors. Join us now, won't you, and let's say it unison: Mexico City? Anyway.

Expect a pan-Asian menu with, according to Metromix, at least two dishes that feature "Asian slaw." Unfortunately, Chicagoist is on an Asian slaw–free diet, so we'll have to eat somewhere else. China Grill is fancy and expensive, so expect a posh atmosphere and high-end food, as if you ever expected anything less from your dining establishments.

Plate O'Meat: Photo, NYTAsian slaw not your speed either? Maybe you'd prefer some We know we would. You can get your kraut on at Brasserie JO, one of chef Jean Joho's "simpler" Alsatian restaurants. He also runs Everest, a way-less simple establishment where he served R.W. Apple, Jr. a large and fancy meal. We don't have much of a refined palate (beer, chips), so the description of the meal made us never, ever want to eat French-German fusion. Although…a "meat snail" does sound like a delicious and nutritious afternoon snack. No, no, we want the foie gras on spice cake. No, wait, bring us the "unctuous" cheese. Blogging is hungry work.

2004_10_14.breakfast.jpgAnd finally, in other chowtalk, if you're looking for a way to impress your bedmate in the morning (on the off chance you didn't fully impress the night before), order up some breakfast-in-bed delivery, complete with roses and a newspaper. Ritters, operating out of the kitchen in Darkroom on Chicago, specializes in quiches, although those breakfast pizzas sound pretty darn good. While they're not accepting online orders yet, they are operating like any other restaurant delivery: call them, they bring you food, you give them money. But breakfast delivery is unusual, and at only $2 for delivery and a decently-priced menu, we're pretty excited to give it a whirl this weekend. Right now they're only delivering to Bucktown, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, Ukrainian Village, Logan Square, and the West Loop, but if you're near one of those neighborhoods, give them a call and you might be able to work something out. Geeze, is it lunchtime yet?