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Wise Investment?

By Sam Bakken in News on Oct 19, 2004 10:58PM

Machine Gun Jesus Image courtesy of www.robmoitoza.comOn Saturday Keyes 2004 campaign manager Bill Pascoe handed in the campaign's third-quarter report to the Federal Elections Commitee. In seven weeks the campaign raised $1,349,679.83. Pascoe is especially excited that 97% or $1,309,015.83 of the contributions were from 20,176 individuals.

Who contributes to a candidate who says Jesus wouldn't vote for his opponent and actually answers a question about whether or not Jesus would carry a machine gun? By the way, according to Reverend Keyes, the answer is maybe. Jesus would condone others carrying guns, but it's not clear whether Jesus himself would pack heat. WTF? This Chicagoist hates the "WTF" acronym (it stands for WHAT THE FUCK), but seriously.

Well, we hope those individuals feel their money was well spent. The average individual contribution works out to about $65, so maybe it was. Sixty-five dollars to see a Harvard-educated man actually contemplate whether or not Jesus would carry a gun. Did you get that? A candidate for U.S. Senate was asked, we assume as a joke, by a college student if he thinks Jesus would own a machine gun. And the candidate had an answer for the question! WTF? indeed.