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Entertainment for the Disaffected and the Disenfranchised

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on Nov 2, 2004 5:48PM

Chicagoist has been knocking itself out keeping you informed about today’s election Please read carefully! and providing you with opportunities to party with like-minded folks of every political persuasion. But let’s face it: voting is hard work. You’ve been downloading ballots, checking the Chicago Bar Association website to see which judges to retain and weighing heavy policy matters for months! You need a break, hoss. Or maybe you’re one of those folks who thinks all politicians are crooks so what’s the point in voting? Well Chicagoist isn’t here to pass judgment on you, Eeyore. Whatever your reason, allow us to present some hideouts if you’re looking to avoid all of tonight’s election craziness:

It's the first Tuesday of the month so Bag of Barbies will be playing the Abbey Pub for only $5 bucks tonight at 9 PM. Featuring members of Betsy and the Boneshakers and Bad Examples, it’s a great way to catch several great Chicago players. Also, Mamby will be spinning at Moonshine (1824 W. Division) with Justin Long, Hiroki and Spencer Lokken. Let them spin you into a blissful groove as you munch on cheap pizza and $3 Coronas.

The 20th Israeli Film Fest starts tonight at Piper’s Alley with the premiere of “Turn Left At The End of the World” and continues through Sunday November 11th (with some screenings at the Highland Park Theater on November 14th). Check their website for the full schedule. But since tickets are $75 for tonight’s festivities, consider a double feature of Saw and The Grudge at the Burnham Theater at 826 S. Wabash instead. It’s not actually a double feature though. We’ll leave it up to you and your conscience as to whether you pay for that second flick but if you’ve been to the Burnham lately you know the staff there is beyond caring what you do.

Lastly, before there was Weekend at Bernie's there was Alfred Hitchcock's classic The Trouble With Harry. Hitch often cited it as one of his favorites. Screening is at 6 PM at the Siskel Center.

Course the way things are going you might need to find someplace to hole up for say…five weeks or so. So maybe you’re better off drawing the curtains and cuddling up to your Star Wars DVD Trilogy instead.