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Voters Get Free/Discounted Stuff Tonight!

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Nov 2, 2004 7:44PM

Another reason to vote: Free food, special drinks, discounted books and more. We've tried to summarize specials that are going on around town, but of course, feel free to add any we've missed!

2004_11_clam_chowder.gifCheap and Free Food for Voters
Joey's Brickhouse has 25% off all menu items tonight and The Globe Pub has $5 bowls of "never-ending" New England clam chowder. At Fizz they're having a free buffet from 6-10 p.m. if you show your voter receipt. Cans will give you a smorgasbord of all foods American if you show your registration card, and you'll get a free beer if you wear your "I Voted" sticker.

For Foodie Voters
If you bet on the election and cashed in and want a real meal at a nice place, SWK is having a $60 food only and $80 food + wine special tonight. For Kerry they're serving a mini lobster roll, for Bush, a corn, marmalade and crawfish soup. Entrees are venison with Bush's baked beans or Maine lobster cakes. They promise that a laptop at the bar will monitor the returns. Personally, we'd rather go to a bar with a million TV's to see, but this sounds like a swank meal if that's what you're in to!

2004_11_apple_martini.jpgFor the Voters Who Are Drunks
That's us! Joe's Bar is having Kerry Cosmos, Blue Elephants and Apple Nader-tinis for $5 each. Rhapsody has some special $10 martinis: Florida Recount (orange juice, orange vodka, grenadine); Banana Republican (vanilla vodka, banana liqueur, Midori) and Blushing Donkey (berry vodka, mango puree, champagne). Bring your voter's receipt in for discounts on special beer at Goose Island Pub. They've brewed Bush Beer (English Midlands-style mild) and Kerry Beer (British-style dark ale). Bar Louie has $5 Kerry-Oke and Bush-Wacker martinis. These drinks are actually identical (Vox vodka, apple pucker, graham-cracker crust) and orders will be counted and posted. Le Bar is serving $12 a $12 red, white and blue martinis (Blue Curacao, citrus vodka, lemon-lime soda, grenadine, garnished with coconut swirl).

Voters Who &hearts Experimental Theater
At the Neo-Futurarium theater, watch as experimental groups react and make theater out of the live televised results and special performances.

For the Pissed Off Voter
Election not going your way? Beat on some candidate punching bags at Piece. Who wants to bet that the Bush bag is broken first?

2004_11_books.jpgDiscounted Books for Voters
If books are your thing, go to any Powell's Bookstore and show your voter receipt to get 20% off any purchase.

Voters Rocking Out
Bring your voter's receipt to Park West tonight to see Poi Dog Pondering, DJ Madrid, Jesse De La Pena and Dayhota. The election returns will also be broadcast on dozens of screens and artist Dzine will, throughout the night, paint his interpretation of the election on canvas to be donated to Rock for Kids. Show starts when the polls close (7pm).