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Daley Trying To Combat Fraud

By Margaret Lyons in News on Nov 3, 2004 8:31PM

2004_11_3.fraud.jpgMayor Daley is trying to crack down on fraud. No, he is. He is! And no, this has nothing to do with aaaaanything that's being going down—this just seems like the thing to do, OK? Daley getting tough on corruption is like Oprah getting tough on heartfelt tears and sisterhood.

May Day is expected to "introduce a package of ordinances" today, and if that's official government terminology, it's news to us. The, ordain...three things:

1. City employees cannot be punished for reporting wrong-doing.

2. Citizens can file claims with the city's corporation counsel "against contractors whom he or she can show have defrauded the city by, for example, being paid for work not performed." If the city goes ahead with and wins the suit, the whistle-blower gets a cut. If the city doesn't sue, the whistle-blower still can.

3. The city can file charges through the Department of Administrative Hearings (no idea) against anyone who submits a false claim to the city, and can fine anyone who makes a false statement on any city document.

So…yeah. Crime. Not cool.

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