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Keep It Light, Keep It Bright, Keep It…

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on Nov 4, 2004 3:51PM

Tonight begins Reeling 2004: The 23rd Annual Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival. Presented by Chicago Filmmakers and running through November 11th, Reeling is the 2nd oldest GLBT film fest in the U.S. and prides (pardon the pun) itself on showing a wide variety of films. It even claims that “many consider the festival to be the highlight of their cinematic year.” Oh the modesty! Check their website for ticket info and the full schedule. The opening night film is D.E.B.S., the feature-length version of a short film by Angela Robinson that makes the rounds on Sundance Channel from time to time.

Now: we here at the Chicagoist offices try to approach our work with From the movie Mango Kiss.  Image: Reeling
not just cultural sensitivity, but cultural competency. That is, we strive to not only be informed about the various cultures throughout our fair city but also weave that advanced understanding into what we write. That having been said, if you advertise a movie as being a “fun, frisky spy caper” with “sexy schoolgirl style” then please forgive us a moment of purient drooling. Are we playing right into the hands of the promoters? You’re damn right we are. Save us a seat.

There are many other excellent films at Reeling this week that won’t just pander to your basest sensibilities (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but will challenge, entertain and educate you like all great art should. Of special note are two programs of shorts: the non-fiction Where The Girls Are and the locally grown Chicago’s Own; Mango Kiss (with Sally Kirkland!); Saints and Sinners, a look at gay marriage; Love In Thoughts from Germany; and Cause of Death: Homophobia from Israel.

If you hustle, you can email the fest organizers at about volunteering which might get you in to a free screening or two.