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USB Watches Are the New Tote Bags

By Margaret Lyons in News on Nov 10, 2004 5:03PM

Chicagoist is not a morning creature. It's an accomplishment that we dress ourselves every day, so whenever we absorb information in the morning, we're usually off by a little bit. Today, as we stumbled around, sniffing borderline-dirty clothes, lamenting how many hours are separating right now from Saturday morning snoozefest, a voice floating from the radio where we'd usually be hearing about shadow traffic said USB watch. Hubbawha?

I heart Lisa Labuz; Logo: Chicago Public RadioYeah, today starts WBEZ's pledge drive, so open up your wallets, hippies. So anyway, pledge drive, they need money, etc, and if you give a certain amount of money, you get a little present as a way for you to feel proud and important you don't watch TV, you only listen to NPR. There are the usual suspects—sweatshirts, messenger bags, books—but what's up with the USB watch? (it's the last one; scroll all the way down) When did those become so ubiquitous that public radio can give them away willy nilly to any dipshit with a checkbook? It looks like it's this model, though we can't quite tell.

We read about watches as much as the next gadget dork--probably more, even--and it's not like we haven't heard about USB watches, but…we thought the pledge drive was when they clean out the basement and give away whatever's kicking around. Who knew?

The watch only has 32 MB, but still. Kinda rad.