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Fa la la, la la, la la la Drag Queens …

By Rachelle Bowden in Miscellaneous on Nov 26, 2004 4:02PM

Chicagoist is so excited that the holiday windows are up at Marshall Fields on State, but we’re really surprised that this year, after stellar past years of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Harry Potter, the Grinch that Stole Christmas and the like, that our friends from the Baton Show Lounge are out in force, only in miniature, with heads of papier-maché.

2004_11_fields_windows.jpgLast weekend when we went downtown for our holiday fix, we dutifully went to the Walnut Room, trolled the Kiehl’s counter, and of course to see Field’s windows, only to find that the window designers had set their hearts on a gender-confused, sequined-stained tranny Christmas for all. Well, actually, the real theme is “Snow White - The Fairest Tale of All”, but Chicagoist swears we have seen her pee standing up next to us at the bars.

The process of designing Field’s windows begins at least a year in advance with brainstorming ideas and sourcing materials, eventually igniting a process that culminates in all 11 of Marshall Field’s State Street windows awash in holiday magic. This year metalworkers, sculptors, painters, costumers, prop masters, carpenters and Ms. J. Alexander from America’s Next Top Model were all on hand to ensure the installation’s success. Well, maybe not Ms. J., but we think they at least channeled her.

The windows this year are truly amazing! Bright and dramatic and they gave us endless minutes of raucous laughter and glee. We know it was not the intention of The May Company, the new owners of Marshall Fields, to cater to pre-conceived notions of what is feminine and masculine, but all we can say, is if you do anything this year in the way of Christmas house-walks, illuminated zoo creatures, or Santified El trains, you must add this holiday staple to your list! Especially this year! Wear your crinoline!

Thanks, Michael!