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End of the Day Tidbits

By Margaret Lyons in News on Dec 2, 2004 11:50PM

We're kind of all over the place today, itching to get out of work Right Now, Or Even A Little While Ago. Our attention-span is shot to shit, so here are some afternoon tidbits:

++ Uh, does John Kass not understand time zones? Because…shows are on an hour later on the East Coast and the West Coast. So wondering how people get home by 5:30 to watch Tom Brokaw is also wondering how people get home by 6:30, which is totally easy. Plus don't lots of people commute less than half an hour? We swear to God there was something more important than this to write about today, John. You thought it was bad when the City towed your car? At least no one demolished your house. Bettye Green, an Army Reservist, returned from Iraq over the summer. She received notice that her house had been declared abandoned, and she says she paid the $100 fine to have it…undeclared? We're not sure how this works. Anyway, you're supposed to give the city $100, and then they don't knock your house down. Oh wait, just kidding, she gave them the money and they apparently still knocked her house down. Sucks.

++ OK, enough grouch action from us. We're a few years away from spawning (thanks, birth control!) but who doesn't love adorable babies? These incredibly sweet pictures of Chicago's own Vincent are the kind of cute we feel right in the uterus. Alejandra, his mom and biographer, writes about being a cool parent over at the esteemed Gapers Block.

Hope we see you tonight!