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Reading, Writing, Puppet Giants

By Margaret Lyons in Arts & Entertainment on Dec 3, 2004 8:23PM

We're feeling awfully artsy fartsy today, so here are three weekend activities to cure your humanities jones. If you hate books, reading, writing, authors, drama, talking, performing, microphones, or puppets, this post is not for you. But we're curious how you get through the day and if you can offer us a few tips.


Isn't that how much your mom charges?Tonight is the second show of The Dollar Store, as the series settles into its permanent home the first Friday of every month at 7 p.m. Three literary types are given an item from a dollar store, and they get a month to write something, anything, about it. Tonight's lineup features Christopher Piatt from, among other things, the Partly Dave Show; Mike Newirth, the fiction editor at Bridge magazine; and Chicago fiction all-star John H. Matthews. This is Grand commander in cool Jonathan Messinger hosts. Oh yeah, this month's item is a Liyuan Foot Smoother. Shell out $1 at Hideout.


I hope a woman named Elizabeth drew this. Image: wbez.orgLike the Dollar Store? Want more of the same, only way more expensive, and written women named Elizabeth? WBEZ's got your back. Tonight, Stories on Stage presents a "special event": for photosynthesis, Elizabeth Crane, Elizabeth McCracken and Elizabeth McKenzie each wrote a story inspired by a Garry Winogrand photograph. The authors aren't reading the stories, though; three actresses are, which is…cool? Meh, whatever. Tickets are $35, or $55 for VIP seating and a dessert/champagne reception with the authors, actors, and director. Pricey, but proceeds go to WBEZ.


But...the logo isn't red... image: redmoon.orgRedmoon Theater's Winter Pageant started Thursday night (don't fret; it runs through January 2). This is the 13th year for the pageant, and this go-round features the largest puppet Redmoon has ever created. The puppet's a giant—no wait, get it? Not just that it's big, but it's like…supposed to be a giant. As in, Jolly Green, fee fi foe fum, etc. According to the Reader, "the plot, about a boy and his daydreams, changes week to week based on collaborations with various community groups." Chicagoist went to Sink…Sank…Sunk, Redmoon's production spectacle this fall, and we were totally blown away. We swore then that we'd get to as many Redmoon productions as legally possible, and we're making good on that promise. Tickets are $15 for grown-ups and $10 for kids 12 and under.

Don't forget about all the craft fairs this weekend.