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Dead Week

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on Dec 28, 2004 1:58PM

We hope you'll pardon us if things at Chicagoist are a little lighter than usual this week. We're taking advantage of the Great American Work Slowdown otherwise known as the week between Christmas and New Year's. Since there's no one around to notice us leaving early or walking in late nursing a hangover, we've been trying to catch the odd show here and there.

Fall Out Boy's Metro show is sold out but you can still see them at The Alley doing The Redwalls: Very nice boys an in-store signing. The Redwalls bring their Kinks-ian walking grooves to Schuba's at 7 PM with Baby Teeth, The New Constitution and DJ Poseur opening. Finally, if you're trying to save your cash so you can treat your sweetie to some "champipple" at the stroke of midnight, metal band Under My Skin will be playing the Double Door tomorrow at 9 PM for the low, low price of $3. That's just a buck a chord.

Of course, all this assumes that you haven't already seen Mark Hussman's Elvisland! show Wednesday nights at Blue Bayou. Because otherwise we know you'd be there especially since they have Elvis-themed cuisine (fill in your own peanut-butter-and-banana- sandwich-with-a-side-of-white-cotton-panties joke here).