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Teen Wolf Eats Cop's Face

By Sam Bakken in News on Jan 3, 2005 8:28PM

1_2005_pitbull.jpgSeventeen-year-old Michael Hall was charged with a number of counts early this morning for his alleged involvement in a biting incident Saturday night on South State Street.

Around 10 p.m. Saturday, police responded to a report of shots fired, apparently still a popular way to welcome the new year, and took Hall into custody in connection. Officers handcuffed him to a bar in the back of a police vehicle. The Sun-Times' and Tribune's reports conflict, but somehow Hall freed himself from the bar and when an officer attempted to reattach the handcuffs to the bar, or move him to another vehicle, Hall jumped on top of the officer and bit him on the lip.

Well "bit" isn't exactly accurate. Hall chomped down on the officer's lip "like a pit bull," according to Sgt. Charles Popielarz. Hall then escaped, handcuffs still on his wrists.

Central District Police Captain James Knightly told the Sun-Times that the officer's lip "...was hanging off." The officer went to Mercy Hospital and Medical Center where they stitched his lip back on. The officer's family members say he will need plastic surgery.

Police found Hall hiding in an apartment on Sunday night, just blocks from the location of the biting incident, sans handcuffs.

No word on whether Hall has rabies, but if he does it's not too late for treatment. Maybe Chicago group "4 The People" could pay for it. They're more than willing to help those of the canine/lupine variety. And if they help Hall, they'll get their philanthropy at least half right.