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Tomorrow's Media Pledge Drive

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Jan 4, 2005 9:14PM

Tomorrow during every newscast between 5AM and 11PM, every radio and television station in Chicago will be encouraging their audiences to call 1-866-278-8354 to pledge money to the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago. Every half hour or hour anchors and DJs will be providing updates and reminders to call. (But don't call 2005_01_arclogo.gif
now because the number's not active til tomorrow morning.) If this weren't for such a good cause it might seem annoying but anything we can do to make everyone realize that every dollar counts - we have to do it.

Steve Robinson, Sr. Veep at WFMT, came up with the idea. He says it's the first time stations have combined to do one thing in any city.. uh, like ever. Yay Chicago media! For one day we applaud you.

Hewitt, who usually gives its employees 2 paid days a year to do community service, got a thousand employees to sign up to man the phones during the drive. And to kick it off, Hewitt gave the Red Cross $200,000 that was raised by employees and matched by the company.

Other local companies that are stepping up and doing their part in a huge way - Boeing is giving $1 million, Sears is good for $250k of clothes and $25k cash, Altria (parent of Kraft & Phillip Morris) is shelling out a mil, Motorola has committed a million and has also given $800k worth of equipment, Caterpiller is giving a million, and Abbott Labs is giving $2 million in cash and $2.8 million worth of drugs. Many companies are also matching employee contributions.

2005_01_best_buy_tsunami.jpgAs for you and I, the central region of CARE says that they got more credit card donations in the 2 days following the tsunami than that got in the past 2 years.. COMBINED. We rule.

Another way you can donate is while you shop. Many retail stores and supermarkets are going to be giving you the option to donate money when you're checking out. $2 and $5 donation coupons will be available to purchase at cashiers' stations. And Best Buy is even matching every dollar that is donated.

Not to harp, harp, harp, but if you haven't donated to the relief fund yet, you really should. It will make you feel great and every cent counts!

Image via ABC7