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Chicagoans All Over the Boob Tube, Literally

By Rachelle Bowden in Arts & Entertainment on Jan 5, 2005 9:04PM

Tonight is the start of a new show called "The Road to Stardom With Missy Elliott" that has 13 wannabe singers aged 19 - 29 battle it out on a coast-to-coast concert tour with Misdemeanor, herself. The 2005_01_nancy_se_swimsuit.jpgcontestants live together on a tour bus and are competing for $100,000 and a chance to be a "star". Word is that this is no American Idol, but seems to somehow hold your attention, even so. Also, the Trib is saying that our hometown girl, Jessica, is "clearly the performer to beat" and that instead of having a "rather generic 'Idol'-esque sound" she has a husky, distinctive, Aretha Franklin sound... uh.. like Fantasia from American Idol, we're guessing? Yeh, it's a UPN show, so don't get your hopes up, but watching a bunch of 20-somethings living on a crammed bus might be even more entertaining than the actual singing.

Also, Nancy on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Hoohah Boobie Show is from Chicago as well. Actually, she's not quite as hot as the other contestants, but hey.. she's a college graduate!

And finally, on tonight's Project Runway, while none of the contestants--sorry, DESIGNERS—are from Chicago, one is a graduate of the Art Institute. Kevin is unfortunately kind of a doucheface, and he's certainly not whom we're rooting for, but he's better than some of the other idiots on that show.