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Scandal Is In The Air

By vouchey in News on Jan 7, 2005 8:22PM

silver_shovel.jpgLong time Chicagoans know that now and then some federal prosecutor digs up a bunch of guys with broken noses, hauls them in front of a grand jury and gets some indictments. Most go to jail, a few walk. Now and then.

But lately it seems that just about everyone in Illinois politics is having a brush with the U.S. Attorney. People with White House connections seem nervous, the Governor is playing it extra straight and narrow, the Duff family is back in the news, the Mayor is actually commenting on the Hired Truck Scandal, and even Silver Shovel is back again!

Is there a change afoot? Certainly it would seem that a new level of scrutiny has been found in Illinois politics. Or perhaps a ton of investigations have finally come to fruition -- it's difficult to say, since those U.S. Attorneys tend to be rather secretive. But something's happening here. There just seems to be too much sweat on the brows of elected officials.

Silver shovel image via Advertising Magic.