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Man Uses AIDS Blood To Rob Beauty Shop

By Sam Bakken in News on Jan 12, 2005 8:48PM

There's really no need to insert wit into this post. So we'll just get right to it.

Syringe Sans AIDS BloodLast night at around 7:35 p.m. a man walked into Olga's Family Cuts at 3655 W. Armitage Ave. He brandished a hypodermic needle filled with red liquid and told the owner, "I have AIDS. If you don't give me the money I'm going to put this needle in you."

Zepeda (NBC5 and the Tribune write "Zepeda", CBS2 writes "Cepeda"), the owner, put approximately $150 on the counter and then her hands in the air. The man then fled and no arrest has yet been made. There were no injuries in the incident.

Guess the man just didn't have the cash on hand to get a gun or a knife.

We can't wait for the arrest. Did the man actually have AIDS? Snopes debunks a myth that people inject AIDS blood into a movie-goer and leave a note on their back that reads "Welcome to the world of AIDS". Talk about a "Kick Me" sign! Hi-oh!

The explanation mentions that people have used hypodermic needles and threats of AIDS blood to rob before, but usually the threat is false. Though there is a case in Australia where a prisoner injected a guard in the ass with what turned out to be an HIV positive syringe.