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Turn Off Your Mind, Relax, Float Down To Schuba's

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on Jan 12, 2005 3:50PM

Half the members of Paper Airplane Pilots get head colds every winter.  Guess which ones!
Chicagoist is a big fan of procrastination. If procrastination were bricks, we’d be a housing project. We even won a procrastination contest once (we’ve been waiting for our trophy but for some reason it has yet to arrive). But what is procrastination if not the consternation over the lack of inspiration? Everyone knows if you play enough games of Freecell then brilliant ideas will eventually spur you into in a frenzy of creative activity.

And so it is with Jeremiah Wallis (he of the local band Paper Airplane Pilots) and the creation of Tomorrow Never Knows Fest. While planning a record release party for his band’s upcoming CD, Wallis was unable to decide which acts he wanted to play there. Much like the grade school talent show where everyone gets to participate so no one’s feelings are hurt, Wallis decided to organize a weekend-long event so many local and national acts would play instead of just a few. And much like you and that fourth quarter marketing report, Wallis soon found himself far busier with the Fest than with the record release, which is good news for all of us.

The Fest takes place over a series of 9 PM shows ($10/each) at Schuba’s this Friday through Sunday. With Paper Airline Pilots occupying a choice Saturday evening slot, they’ve surrounded themselves with excellent local acts like Palaxy Tracks, the Bon Mots, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir and the Dials plus much-loved outsiders such as The Impossible Shapes. With orchestral, folk, punk and garage flavorings, all the bands on the bill share a pop sensibility in their chiming guitars and hum-able harmonies.

For the full lineup and other details, check out the TNNF website—especially that 1984-by way-of-Frank-Kozik poster art. Nothing says “We’re here to rock” like two vaguely stormtrooper-y looking dudes polishing their heads…tock of their guitars.

Note: Friday and Saturday's shows are 21+ and Sunday's is 18+.