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Burger .. King .. Delights?

By Rachelle Bowden in Food on Jan 19, 2005 5:04PM

Burger Delights

The big buzz around the Chicagoist office has been about Burger Delights. Why are our Burger King restaurants morphing into them? Why are they just throwing those poly signs over the top of the Burger King signs? Isn't their special, 2 Delights for $3, the same as the Whopper special? Can I get it my way? Shouldn't the owner be getting in big-ass trouble by Burger King? Do you think they'll get a Rick bayless look-alike to do their ads? Doesn't this remind you of the guy back in May who had a Papa John's franchise, got pissed about the ingredient prices, and decided to change them into Papa Tony's?

2005_01_burger_delights.jpgWe've seen in some restaurant trade magazines that BK has had a shitload of problems - especially with the relationship that corporate has with their franchisees. And that lately many of the franchisees decided just to walk away rather than deal with the rules and regulations. But does anyone have any specific info? The locations we've seen turn into Burger Delights are on N. Ashland and also on Wilson (and Sheridan?) in Uptown. But someone, please, shine a light on this mystery. We need specifics! Google, our dear friend we count on for all of life's hard questions, is letting us down with only 3 weak hits for "Burger Delight" + "Burger King".

Click the link below for more photos of the Ashland Avenue location of Burger Delights.




Special thanks to Vouchey, our man on the street, who went and got these photos in the cold and the snow this morning!