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Phoning It In

By Erin in Food on Jan 24, 2005 9:19PM

OK. It is officially cold enough that Chicagoist is starting to wonder whether or not this weather is a sign of the apocalypse. And Chicagoist grew up here, so Chicagoist also is beginning to wonder whether she's becoming the sort of candy-ass whiner that she always made fun when a cold snap hit.

Really, people. It's stupid cold.

When it's this cold, "going out" requires the determination of a newly rehabbed Courtney Love locked in a room brimming with painkillers. We are not made of such tough stuff, and for the record we applaud Courtney's ability to eschew the happy pills in favor of cleaning up her act. Go Courtney!

Chicagoist does not venture out to eat when it's cold. Chicagoist orders in. We think Courtney would want it this way.

2005_01_carryout.jpgOne of the more decadent trade-offs of living in a city that suffers from Lake Effect temperatures is that you can get your hands on just about any sort of cuisine imaginable just using your telephone. There are many fine establishments to choose from, and in the coming week, Chicagoist is going to give you a rundown of some of the better carryout and delivery dining options in our fair city.

Consider this our way of keeping you warm without the awkwardness of having to spoon together in bed. We are givers that way.

We're basing our decisions on not only how good the food is, but also delivery times, delivery charges, and the quality of the food once it gets to our door. Just because a place has a delivery service doesn't always mean it's a gooddelivery service.

Look for the first installment, a write up on Andersonville's Yes Thai, in time for dinner tomorrow!