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312-WHISTLE: Tell Cook Republicans About Daley's Shoulder Fetish

By Sam Bakken in News on Feb 1, 2005 7:28PM

This Line Ain't Lookin' Too HotAre you employed by Cook County government or the city of Chicago? Do you have the inside scoop on corruption, waste or anything else salacious for which your Democrat bosses are at fault? Well then the Cook County Republicans want to hear from YOU! They've set up a hotline for you to call. The number is 312-WHISTLE.

Cook County Republican Chairman Gary Skoien told WBBM780 that he expects the line to be busy morning to night since, "It's obvious that the corruption that's going on in Cook County now is unprecedented, at least in recent years, and it's time to put a stop to it."

An Elephant Could Kick An Ass's AssWe called the number to see what the deal was and found that the Cook County GOP is real up-front about the whole thing. When we called, the man on the other line answered with, "Republican Party this is Eric." When we asked, at about 12:15 p.m. how many calls they'd received this morning (they announced the hotline this morning at a press conference at 10:00), Eric covered the mouthpiece of his phone and asked somebody else. He said they'd received about 20 to 25 phone calls so far. We asked what those phone calls were about and he said something like, "general information and people just wanting to know more about it." We asked what the general information was and he said "We can't release that information." oooOOOooo! Scandal! Government waste! Sexcapades! Eric knows something we don't, and we hate him for it. And he loves it.

The hotline is a part of the Cook County GOP's attack on what they call Democratic corruption and mismanagement.