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Hired Truck Connected To Everybody

By vouchey in News on Feb 3, 2005 8:18PM

acosta.jpgGovernor Milorad "Rod" Blagojevich doesn't talk to Dominic Longo. Longo doesn't talk much to John "Quarters" Boyle these days. Quarters isn't saying if he's friends with Michael J. Acosta (seen at right). Acosta won't talk about Nick "The Stick" LoCoco. And The Stick isn't talking at all, because he died in a horseriding accident last December.

Confused? Well, Chicagoist doesn't blame you. But the dizzying connections above revealed through the Hired Truck Probe and other investigations, are a crazy series of links from the sitting Governor all the way to heart of Chicago corruption. The nature of these connections are unknown -- they could be mere coincidence -- but things sure don't look good for anyone involved.

Northwest Side political hack Dominic Longo has been jumping up and down all week -- begging for attention and telling the media that yes, he was once good friends with the Governor. Yesterday he announced that he's filing a defamation suit against the Gov. The Governor's staff have replied that, "The governor will no doubt continue to disappoint Mr. Longo in his various requests for employment and favors."


A old-time connection to the Governor, as Longo claims, would certainly be damaging, especially since Longo used to run with John "Quarters" Boyle, so-called because he was convicted of stealing millions of quarters from the tollway system.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Quarters was caught on a wiretap with former Chicago Police Commander Michael J. Acosta.

A sample of their loving conversation:

"You always call me with problems . . . you never come drink with me 'cause you don't love me no more,'' Boyle said.

"Who answered all those calls when you were in prison?'' Acosta replied. "Who was always there to answer them calls, huh?''

"That's not my point,'' Boyle said. "Who, when I came out, doesn't drink with me no more?''

So far, it looks like Acosta was running favors for Quarters and one other, Nick "The Stick" LoCoco, one of the lead city employees running the corrupt Hired Truck program. But soon after his indictment, LoCoco died.

Curious. Isn't it?

Photo via WLS-7