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What It's Like to Be Roger

By Rachelle Bowden in Arts & Entertainment on Feb 14, 2005 7:56PM

2005_02_roger_ebert.jpgThis weekend the New York Times Magazine had an interesting peek into the life and home of Roger Ebert. Ebert and his wife, Chaz, live in a 4 1/2 story town house in Chicago. Does anyone know where? Just wondering, not that we're gonna .. uh.. stalk him . .. or anything..

Some non-movie related bits about Rog that we bet you didn't know:

  • Roger loves his rice cooker and not only to cook rice. He also cooks oatmeal, stews, soups and pasta in it. He's considering writing a rice-cooker cookbook.
  • At almost all times Roger is wearing a pedometer. It helps him rack up the number of steps he takes per day, which helps him lose weight.
  • Roger doesn't believe in napping in the same position as you sleep in.
  • Roger takes more pride in being a bad artist than in his career being a newspaperman.
  • He's had the same pair of slippers for 20 years. (EW! EW! EW!)
  • Roger said he and his wife are pretty much vegetarians at home but admits that if he had to choose his last supper it'd be Steak 'n' Shake - a super steak burger with onion and pickle, ketchup and mustard, an order of chili mac, a side of fries and a Coke.

These are just a few things Chicagoist found interesting. For more, read the full interview.

Photo via Reuters