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All's Quiet, So Far...

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Feb 22, 2005 7:51PM

2005_02_sports_sosa_boombox.jpgWhile pitchers and catchers reported last week, today is the day for the rest of the players to arrive for spring training. Both the Sox and Cubs camps will have plenty of new faces, but perhaps the biggest change will be the silence in the Cubs clubhouse that'll be without Sammy Sosa, and his infamous boombox. Sosa might want to throw that in with the condo however, because his new manager has laid down the law in the Orioles locker room. Lee Mazzilli requires all music to be listened to via headphones only. And that even means Sosa.

With Sosa in Baltimore, many are looking for somebody to replace him as the face of the Cubs. Many want to thrust that upon Nomar, but during Garciaparra's press conference yesterday he made it clear he's not The Man on the team. Garciaparra said, "People always say 'face of the team.' I don't think there's anybody bigger than the Cubs. We're just lucky to be a part of it. Even [in Boston], I didn't think I was the face there, either. You look at what's on the front of your jersey and not worry about what's on the back." And it looks like he's not even The Man at home, according to the hat he's wearing in this picture.