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They're Big In Japan

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 4, 2005 6:21PM

Try as we might, Chicagoist has failed miserably in our attempts to catch The Hi Hi Puffamiyumi Show on Cartoon Network. Mostly because we’re hosting our own show called The Happy Fun Time Drink The Memories of the Work Week Away Tavern Hour on Friday nights. Ever since a Pizzicato Five comp dropped into our laps several years ago, we’ve been suckers for all manner of J-pop. You can keep your Ashlees and Hillarys; our pop songstresses are worth paying those steep import prices.

2005_03_04_wolf.jpgYou would think our love of one genre would motivate us to further explore the musical offerings in The Land of the Rising Sun. But no: our love of music is trumped only by our laziness. Lucky for us (and you), the mountain has been brought to Mohammed. If you’re the type to complain about all “the kids these days” who’ve taken the fury out of punk rock then git yer ass down to the Abbey Pub this Sunday and witness the return of Guitar Wolf. On their first U.S. tour in two years, Guitar Wolf is touring behind Rock ‘n’ Roll Etiquette, their latest release on indie label Narnack. Your 12 bucks also gets you openers The Tyrades with locals The Phenoms and The Camaro Rouge opening. And hey! It's New City's pick of the week and it's not like they'd lie to you.

Presenting tonight’s show is Crutch Magazine, which we've been missing. According to their website, things are back on track and we’re hoping their promised March issue will be available on Sunday and at local record merchants near you very soon.

Image: Dragon Pictures