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There Are No Short Actors, Only Short Films

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 10, 2005 2:32PM

With apologies to Noah Baumbach: Chicagoist is too nostalgic, we admit it. This week’s European and Irish film fests had us nostalgic for last October, which was similarly chockablock full of fests. Then yesterday Maia Entertainment announced May 7th as the date for the 2nd Annual Chicago “Really” Short Film Fest at the Abbey Pub, which made us nostalgic for a Guinness we had last night.

Once we came out of our misty water-colored flashback, we took in the details. If you never quite got over your children’s-television-induced short attention span, this is the fest for you. The C”R”SFF takes place over one night and the short films, animations, documentaries and music videos it showcases are all under 15 minutes. Awards will be given out and each filmmaker will be considered for a slot on WTTW’s Image Union—which could mean a nice, tidy sum of money. Along with independent films, the evening will feature the sounds of Project .44 (with former Thrill Kill Kult member Sinderella) and TRS-80 and the sketch comedy of The Patel Leads.

To submit a film, fill out this form online after reviewing the submission requirements. There’s a $15 admission fee for your first film but it’s only $5 for each additional film after that. The organizers are “emphasizing an April 1st deadline for consideration” which means they know how the words “genius” and “lazy” go hand in hand so they’re leaving themselves an out just in case Scorsese Jr. was hitting the bong a little too hard and doesn’t show up with God’s gift to film under his arm until April 2.