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My Big Fat Greek Fries

By John & Susie Pratt in Food on Mar 11, 2005 4:43PM

Okay – brace yourself. Chicago is about to descend into St. Patrick’s Day madness and it won’t quit until the last bit of green beer vomit has been scrubbed off bar room floors everywhere.

If you are not Irish, never have been, or are decidedly against pretending you are, then we have a suggestion for you – greek flag.bmpgo Greek! Seriously – Chicagoist has been wanting to post about our favorite cheap Greek eats for awhile now, and we figure while everyone with any Irish DNA will head south for the “real” parade this weekend, we suggest you head north to Evanston’s Cross-Rhodes restaurant (hee-hee – it’s punny).

Cross-Rhodes is an Evanston institution, a little spot just over the border on Chicago Ave. (that’s Clark St. to us city folk) that only accepts cash. But in return for an unbelievably small amount of that cash they will provide you with some really good Greek fare – gyros, skirt steak, or a great Greek salad that doesn’t skimp on the feta. You can even get a charburger…on a pita of course.

But let’s get serious. Any of you who have already eaten there know that we are beating around the bush. People go to Cross-Rhodes for their fries – their Greek fries, to be specific. The salty thick-cut steak fries soaked in vinegar and Greek spices are so tangy and delicious that we will go out on a limb and suggest that everyone in your party get their own large side of them. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Cross-Rhodes is vegetarian friendly – offering a vegetarian version of their mousaka as well as a grilled cheese pita. And of course, the vegetarians could just get the fries. (Are we making ourselves clear?) Cross-Rhodes is also child friendly. Before we even had our coats off, the busboy had brought our 1 year old a slice of American cheese and some oyster crackers on a plate with – pay attention parents everywhere – a spoon! (Can I get an Amen?)