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Remember Gentlemen, You Are Responsible For Your Sperm

By Sam Bakken in News on Mar 14, 2005 7:40PM

Sperm Penetrating EggRemember the story about Chicago doctor Richard Phillips suing his former lover, Sharon Irons, for emotional damages claiming she gave him head, didn't swallow and then impregnated herself with the remnants? Well, on Friday a judge said the process by which the child was conceived doesn't matter, he's still responsible for the child. A DNA test proves that Phillips is the now-5-year-old girl's father. After the DNA test Phillips agreed to pay $800 a month in child support, the judge said the $800 was inadequate and ordered Phillips to pay $1600 a month. Irons maintains that she got pregnant through sexual intercourse with Phillips.

According to Ohio State University philosophy professor Donald Hubin, these types of cases are rare, but not rare enough to not merit a label all their own. We would link to some examples, but we're a bit afraid to type "sperm-napping" into a search engine while we're on the clock.

Basically the case comes down to something Irons' attorney said, which the judge agreed with, "Whether she deceived him or not, that's not the issue for paternity—he's the father. That's for another day in another courtroom. And that doesn't mean you're not responsible for your semen."

Phillips will continue to pursue his civil suit for emotional damages against Irons, but agreed to meet the girl and said he wants to be involved in her life. And get this, now he also plans to file for joint custody of the girl. "Yes, her birth was a terrible thing that has ruined my life to the point that I need money from her mother to make up for the stress and pain she has caused me. And yes, I'd like her to stay at my place every other weekend and on holidays." Man, that kid could have a tough road ahead of her.