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Buffy's Bitch No More

By Erin in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 21, 2005 10:16PM


And they say that there is nothing worth watching on television!

Word has it that Freddie Prinze Jr., better known as the Guy Married To Sarah Michelle Gellar, is being given his own television show and in what Chicagoist believes is a first, Prinze plays a successful chef.

An ├╝ber-successful chef living in Chicago is, as everyone knows, not a far stretch. Freddie Prinze Jr. playing one, well, maybe. Chicagoist wonders if he'll be modeling his character after Chef Grant Achatz. Will he even know who Achatz is? Will he have a wacky, yet wise, sous chef?

The description of the show is vague, which isn't surprising since the show isn't slated to debut until the Fall, however we do learn that in the grand tradition of Full House, My Two Dads, and Chicagoist argues, Just The Ten of Us, Prinze, according to the show's director John Pasquin, "... inherits his sister's 12-year-old daughter, grandmother and sister-in-law. He's surrounded by all of these women of different generations. The show is about how he navigates it all."

Chicagoist is now placing bets that the show manages to drop Charlie Trotter's name at least once during the pilot and three additional times if the show is ordered up for an entire year. Plus, we're expecting the sort of hilarity that can only be cooked up by Hollywood when there is a prepubescent girl involved:

"Tonight! On Freddie! Freddie looks to make amends to his niece for reading her diary and learning how self-conscious she is about her breast size by creating a dish in her honor with mixed results! Superstar Ryan Cabrera guest stars!"