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Duck Off

By Erin in Food on Apr 7, 2005 8:18PM

2005_04_foiegrasduck.jpgReally, for a dish most of us rarely eat, not to mention rarely can afford, Chicagoist cannot believe all of the recent quacking about foie gras.

While the Trib today reports that Charlie Trotter, the famous Lincoln Park-based chef whose feathers last week were slightly ruffled after being tabbed a hypocrite by Tru Executive Chef Rick Tramonto, admits that his choice of descriptions for Tramonto as "idiot" and "not the smartest guy on the block" were not his normal modus operandi, he's sticking to his guns that the production of foie gras -- duck or goose liver -- is inhumane and why he won't serve it at his celebrated restaurant.

Thank you, Mark Caro, for capturing this quote out of Trotter: "You know what? If I hear something that I don't like, I will say whatever it takes, and I'll send a message," Trotter said. "If I have to use some sarcasm or open a can of whup-ass or do whatever, I'll do what I have to do." If you can get the phrase "can of whup-ass" into the pages of the stuffy and stodgy Tribune, you know there is hope for tomorrow.

And thank you, Charlie Trotter, for all of the fabulousness that has been you these past two weeks. For those us who cannot afford to experience your food, we've been grateful for the cheap opportunity to experience your ... personality.

Foie gras isn't only showing up in the Trib. Oh no. The Sun Times reports that Ald. Joseph Moore (49th), in one of the more lame-duck moves Chicagoist has seen in some time, proposes an ordinance that would force restaurants to pull foie gras from their menus.

Is this guy serious? Why is this necessary? Has Moore nothing else to do with this time than propose an ordinance like this? Chicagoist really doesn't have an opinion one way or the other, serve or don't serve it's all the same to us, but really? Couldn't Moore find something else that would get him some publicity this week?

Trotter's place isn't even in his ward, and Chicagoist wonders just how many folks up in Rogers Park and Edgewater actually care about this anyway.