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Plushtastrophe: The Art of Plush

By Rachelle Bowden in Arts & Entertainment on Apr 7, 2005 2:54PM


If you're not into celebrating the Cubs home opener all day and all night on Friday, go over to Rotofugi where they'll be having the opening party for their next gallery, Plushtastrophe: The Art of Plush. Just what is Plushtastrophe, you ask? Well in the words of it's creator, Bwana Spoons:

When I feel a plushy in my hands, and hold it close to my heart, I feel warm inside. That is why I must do the Plushtastrophe. The big question is. What is plush? I don’t think there is a clear definition, however…there are a few telltale signs of a good plush. It is usually a bit soft, sometimes furry, maybe has an eye or two, and some kind of appendage. Plushtastrophe is a gathering of a few of my favorite designers, illustrators, and plush makers from places near and far. When all is said and done there will be upwards of 100 fancy fabric critters for your pleasure and mine.

Plushtastrophe shows have already been held in Portland, San Fran, and Toronto, and now it's Chicago's turn. Opening reception is from 7pm - 11pm on Friday, April 8 at Rotofugi. Free drinks, as always, and music this time will be by DJ Clayton. Plushtastrophe will be on display at Rotofugi through May 8.

A list of confirmed artists for the Plushtastrophe show is after the jump.

Caroline Hwang
Amy Marks
Dora Drimalas
Soft Baked Goods
Bwana Spoons
Saelee Oh
Koji Harmon
Hazel Mandujano
Jen Rarey
Jill Bliss
Wonder Farms
Anthony Lecy-Siewert
Jing Bentley
Kate Sutton
Friends With You
Souther Salazar
Lark Pien and Jane Pien
Mark Nagata
Trish Grantham
Heather Q
Ian Lynam
Adam Arnold
Lisa De John
Nicole Mueller
Marc Willwerth
Katie Aaberg
Brent Johnson Brenthallamew
Molly Anderson
Abby Dansiger
Chris Hutchinson
Mark Giglio
NoMe Edonna
Jayme Yen
Ciriaco Sayco
Mikas Mogo
Rio Vizmanos
Mark Arcenal
Natalie Cartwright
Greg Galinski
Patrick Ma
Erin Shafkind
Courtney Ryals
Silver Warner
Karina Santos
Rita Volpi
Ryan Bubnis
Donut Hoes Paige
Gratland and Rayne Baron
Julianna Priscoe
Poog Goos
Laura Granlund
Sok Mungke
James Liu
Jill Penney
Kimberly Kraichely