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Edison Park Residents Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Them

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Apr 12, 2005 1:59PM

2005_04_Jabczynski.jpgA Chicago man who was accused of looking in his neighbors windows and taking photos and video of women and girls was released last night back to his house and back to the neighborhood he terrorized.

As early as December the people in the neighborhood of Edison Park realized that they were being watched.. and they had a good idea who was doing it. Ronald Jabczynski, a 50-year-old psych ward nurse. And then they saw a man resembling Jabczynski run stark naked from one house to his own. Everyone in the neighborhood had stories to tell about Jabczynski but it wasn't until last week that he was finally caught.

Jabczynski was caught taking video of a 12-year-old girl through her window with one hand. His pants were around his ankles and you can imagine what this sicko was doing with his other hand. Later on police found about 300 images of neighborhood women and girls in various stages of undress on his camera equipment. Police also found a huge stash of porn on his computer.. which isn't illegal, but they're checking to make sure none of it is kiddie porn.

Even though Jabczynski was caught it doesn't mean his neighbors are now at ease. All of the charges he faces are misdemeaners and as of last night he was free on $40,000 bond. So right now he's still living among his victims in the house he's lived in for 41 years.

The stories we read don't really say while Jabczynski looks so beat up in his mugshot, but we're guessing it's from the tussle he got into with an off-duty cop who arrested him. Jabczynski threw some punches but the officer wasn't seriously injured.