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Oberweis Runs For Governor: Expect More Free Ice Cream

By vouchey in News on Apr 14, 2005 9:31PM

oberweis.jpgJim Oberweis is launching another campaign for statewide office, this time for governor. Depending on who you are, that news brings tidings of joy for the Great Conservative Cause, anger because of his anti-immigrant positions, or anticipation for the almost guaranteed free ice cream at campaign stops and county fairs across the state. Chicagoist, on the other hand, just shakes its head in confusion.

Confusion because last time out of the gate, not only did Mr. Oberweis lose to Jack Ryan (remember him?) in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate (35-23%), but he was outed as a crazy-eyed whack-job who could never be mainstreamed in Illinois. Starting with significant goodwill with his chain of premium dairy products and ice cream shops, Oberweis stunned voters with his radical anti-immigration stance. It all culminated with a crazy television commercial with Oberweis riding in a helicopter over Solder Field, "Ten thousand illegal aliens a day. Enough to fill Soldier Field every single week."

Not only was the claim found to be wrong, but Oberweis was widely recognized to be a whack job for featuring such an inflammatory and patently false claim in a political commercial. But, hey Chicagoist isn't partisan! If you want to catch one of his campaign launch events, check out The Illinois Leader for all the details.