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Tiny Weenis Leads to Big Bomb

By Andrew Peerless in News on Apr 19, 2005 1:40PM

image courtesy of magicmakers.comPoor, poor Blake R. Steidler. Like plenty of 24-year-olds out there, he worried about the size of his weenie... but, like few others, he's taken steps to ensure that every single person in the United States knows just how severly he lacks in the "manhood department."

Steidler, of Stevens, Pennsylvania, was apparently unhappy with the results of his penile enlargement surgery, so he did what any unhappy patient would do: he mailed a letter bomb to his Chicago-area plastic surgeon. Luckily, Steidler had a change of heart about his deed and notified authorities a few hours after dropping the package in the mail. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms officials were able to track the package (essentially a model rocket engine igniter stashed inside a jewelry box) and destroy it before it reached its target.

Chicagoist is glad this story has a happy ending for the surgeon, but knows just how tragic the ending must be for Steidler. Not only does he face charges (including using a weapon of mass destruction and sending explosives through the mail), but he'll spend each and every day in prison wondering why he has to continue to be such a little guy.

Chicagoist didn't really know that there were surgeons in Chicago who specialized in penile enlargement. We've never looked into it. No, really, we haven't... we swear. We haven't...

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