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Cos Da Fat Cats Don't Own Dem Airwaves

By Sam Bakken in News on Apr 22, 2005 7:18PM

Final inspection in a radio factory, Camden, New Jersey--Hine, Lewis Wickes, 1874-1940 -- PhotographerThe fourth annual Version festival, "a festival that focuses on art, media, technology and politics," opens tonight and this year's is titled "Invincible Desire". It's "an experiment in navigating the subcultural practices determined to flourish at this inhospitable moment past the end of history." We apologize for all the quotes, but we can't quite decipher it and don't want to misinterpret anything. Plus, you know the Chicagoist motto, "We report, you decide." Well actually, we're already at a bar and we're running out of quarters for the dollar-a-minute Internet access so we gots ta finish this right quick.

Anyway, while the entire Version>05 schedule (PDF) is quite impressive, we wanted to point out one event that aroused our interest especially. Our sister(/brother?/lover?)-site SFist mentioned that some "pirate radio cats" from round their way will be lugging their portable FM station to the festival's opening event tonight at the Buddy Gallery in Wicker Park, 1542-1550 N. Milwaukee Ave. The aforementioned cats go by the name of "Neighborhood Public Radio" and their web site says they're part of the Bay Area low power radio movement that is, "making it known that they will not be restricted from accessing the airwaves that are rightfully their own property." We simultaneously meow and "arrrrgh!" to show our support. We like anyone willing to disobey the FCC and provide us with a bit of variety in these Viacom/Clear Channel times.

We can't quite figure out what frequency you'll find them at on your FM dial (though it will only reach a couple of blocks away from the site) or if and where it will be streamed online. If you know, let 'em know in the comments and we'll update this post. But it'd be even better if all ya'll showed some support by heading over to the gallery tonight between 7 p.m. to 2 a.m to listen and partake in the rest of the festivities.